Greater Phoenix Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (GPGLCC)

Terms & Conditions


Our Mission

The purpose of the Greater Phoenix Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (GPGLCC) is to provide an inclusive business environment by fostering growth, visibility, outreach and professional development opportunities within out LGBTQA and allied communities. Any person, association, corporation, partnership, or business entity that supports the purpose of this organization as specified shall be eligible to apply for membership. Membership is open to any business or person interested in the declared purposes of the association.  A person seeking membership will be accepted as a member of the GPGLCC upon submission, receipt, acceptance and processing of the required online registration application and dues.


The following Terms & Conditions are applicable to all membership types, including both business and networking members.


The GPGLCC recognizes that some of its members (each a “GPGLCC Member” and collectively “GPGLCC Members”) already have codes of conduct that are specific to their organizations and to which their employees must abide. The GPGLCC views that its Code is aligned to those company-specific codes that already exist, and encourages its other members to undertake the initiative of establishing codes of conduct for their own workplace.

In general, GPGLCC Members shall:

  • At all times obey federal, state and local laws both in letter and spirit;
  • Never knowingly assist any third party in violating any law; procure ethical behavior in all business transactions, reject and actively discourage corrupt behavior; not provide or attempt to provide and procure commercial advantage by improper inducements, favors or benefits directly or indirectly so as to influence government officials and/or public servants;
  • Enhance the reputation, profile and status of and faithfully represent and support the GPGLCC in delivering on its mission to the broader business community; and
  • Abide by the GPGLCC Bylaws, a copy of which will be provided upon request.

Enforcement of the Code

All members will receive these Terms & Conditions upon joining the chamber or upon renewal of their membership, as applicable. The GPGLCC will retain copies of Members authorization, but a member’s receipt of the Code will result in the presumption that a GPGLCC Member will undertake to comply with the Code. In the event that the GPGLCC receives any formal complaint or allegation about any member with respect to the compliance of the Code, the GPGLCC Board of Directors will endeavor to investigate the complaint or allegation in a thorough manner and will offer an opportunity for hearing to the GPGLCC Member that is the subject of the complaint or allegation. Failure to comply with the professional and personal obligations of the GPGLCC as outlined herein may result in termination of a membership as provided in the GPGLCC Bylaws.

Membership Renewals

All GPGLCC memberships are for the specific and sole use of the registered business or individual for whom payment is made and are non-transferable. Fees are non-refundable and subject to change at membership renewal time. A member agrees to pay and remain current in the payment of fees upon expiry of its term in order to continue as a member. In order to join the GPGLCC you will need to complete the online application form and pay your annual fee. You will be notified by email when your membership renewal is due. Once a member has registered, their membership will be automatically renewed every 12 months. Membership dues will also automatically be charged using the authorized payment information or members will receive an invoice to be paid immediately upon receipt in order to maintain active membership.

Membership Termination

Membership with the GPGLCC may be terminated for the following: (a) Any member may resign from the GPGLCC upon written request to the board of directors; no refunds of membership dues shall be issues to resigned members, except by decision of the board, (b) any member will be expelled automatically for nonpayment of annual renewal dues, unless otherwise extended for good cause; (c) Any Member may be expelled by two-thirds vote of the board, at a regularly scheduled meeting thereof, for conduct unbecoming a member, or violation of the GPGLCC “Standards of Ethics” Policy in the GPGLCC By Laws.

In applying for membership with the Greater Phoenix Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, I agree to abide by its Terms & Agreements, Constitution, By- Laws and Code of Ethics. I irrevocably waive all claims against the Board or any of its Officers, Directors, Members, and Staff as to its or their acts to elect, advance, expel or otherwise discipline me as an applicant or as a member. Further, I give permission to be contacted by phone, text message, fax, e-mail and post mail, and to publish my contact information on the website and other membership directory resources the board may create as a member benefit for the organization as well as use any images of me taken at GPGLCC events for publication purposes. Members are able to opt out or unsubscribe from receiving notifications at any time by contacting a board members.